"Clean India Mission"


San-Burn introducing "Sanitary Napkin Destroyer" in field of Waste Management

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Sanitary Napkin Burner in the field of waste management disposal. We are concern to do our part to make environment more clearner and breathable for the generations to come. We strive to excel and give the best possible products that helps to make environment clean. Happy clients and healthy environment is our goal.

We are having wide variety of Sanitary Napkin Burner. Our sanitary napkin burner are designed and developed with cutting edge technology and reliable to perform best as well as safe in all the given scenarios. Sanitary napkin burner are the scientific and hygienic way for disposal need of used sanitary pads where napkin gets converted into sterile ash.

Areas of use

Girls School, colleges and hostels

Girls in Hostels, School and College university always find the way to dispose the napkin. This will help them to dispose in a very easy way without any hesitation.

Corporate Sector

Instant disposal of used sanitary pads in most hygienic and scientific way to assure environment friendly disposal and maintain clealiness in corporate.

Public Places

No more embarassment of disposal on streets and garbage bins. Reduce the women problem especially when they are out in public places.

Why us

  • Extensive knowledge and years of experience in waste management and safe disposal needs.

  • Delivering product with high and proven quality with cutting edge technology

  • Team of highly professional and experienced engineers for constant innovation and development.

  • Known for quick and reliable after sales services.

  • Certified burner with pollution norms.


San-Burn "Sanitary Napkin Destroyer" are used for instant disposal of used sanitary pads in most hygienic and scientific way to assure environment friendly disposal.

We have wide range your machine that can serve your need as per usage

SB 10

10 Napkins at a time/ 20 napkins per hour.

Mounting: Wall Mounted

For Normal usage

SB 20

20 Napkins at a time/ 40 napkins per hour.

Mounting: Wall Mounted

For Moderate usage

SB 30

30 Napkins at a time/ 60 napkins per hour.

Mounting: Stand

For Extreme usage


"introducing Sanitary Napkin Burner first time in Gujarat"

It burn the sanitary napkins and convert it into ash, which is safe and biodegradable option to dispos used sanitary napkins. And that's where we step-in..

User friendly - Easy to Operate

It is fully automatic and electrically operated as well as easy and convenient to install. It is designed to be compact and wall mounted. Specially designed for girls to operate very easily and safely.

Completely automated Operation

Top sliding door for easy operation. Just press START and forget. It burns automatically and auto OFF after burning. Indicator to show when fire is ON.

Hygienic & Environment Friendly

It burns the sanitary pads disposed into the machine and releases the smoke through exhaust line. Remaining ash can be collected into ash tray after burn process is over.

Customization available as per your requirements

We understand your requirements and provide customized solution accordingly. Also available in MS and SS (Stainless Steel) models.No External Heat and Noise – Do not change.


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