Disposing sanitary napkin is a key worry today in every woman. Especially this problem arise in corporate sectors women that how they can dispose used sanitary pads. Generally women in corporate sector feel very shame and hesitate to explain their problem to colleague and upper management. In a corporate environment woman very waver if they get sudden problem and they get in stress and lose their productivity.

In the survey conducted for corporate in Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Gorakhpur, Aurangabad and Vijayawada; around 31% women reported a drop in productivity levels during their periods, missing 2.2 days of work on an average.

Disposable sanitary pads today are made with a high content of LDPE plastic polymers and a layer made out that absorb gel and water to give one that feel dry feeling. In certain scenario, they wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in a dustbin, directly flush it in a toilet, or they put it in a purse and throw it in open and it cause a bad odour in a office environment. The above disposals creates problems as Flushing it in drain causes clogging in drainage system and dropping it in dustbin may results in health related issues. In Flushing it continues to bloat as it makes its way through the underground rivers and clogs up the sewers leading conservancy workers to dive down and remove them by hand.

Adding this Unit in Corporate Offices, Hotels & Resorts will add a reputation and the impression of Environment Friendly Place which will be recorded honestly / proudly in the memory of the company’s family and visitor. Adding this Unit in Corporate Offices (& everywhere) will help the Global Environment also.

San-Burn "Sanitary Napkin Destroyer" is used for instant disposal of used sanitary pads in most hygienic and scientific way to assure environment friendly disposal. It is the best solution for sanitary napkin disposing needs wherein the used napkins are converted into a sterile ash. It helps to instant disposal of a used napkins in a very Scientific and Hygienic Way, so it is very useful for all ladies toilets to get a pollution free hygienic environment.Below mentioned are the area where our product can be installed:-

  • Washrooms at Corporate Offices
  • Washrooms of workplaces
  • Common Unit for apartments
  • Washrooms of factories where ladies are working
  • All the rooms of hotel