Women start menstruating in the age group of 12-18 years when usually they are in secondary or in higher secondary school. In this age group girls fret a lot about the problem like what to use, how to use and how to dispose.

Large numbers of girls are in secondary education when they begin menstruating and more than 40% of them are flush it in a toilet and rest of them leave it as it is in toilet or in open. Such kind of unhygienic methods can cause reproductive tract infection. One major cause of unawareness about hygienic safety during menstruation is that it is considered as social taboo and they are not open to discuss problems freely.

Instead of using sanitary napkin disposal bags or bins or containers or sanitary napkin disposal receptacles, This unit can be used with sanitary napkin dispensers or sanitary napkin Vending Machine for sanitary waste disposal. The Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bins or Containers are used to store the Sanitary Waste. It required disposal of the waste which is possible by the burning of the waste in a closed chamber. Which is possible with our Sanitary Pad Disposal System. Our Unit is a wall mounted, Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit which is Compact in Design and Can be Used in a regular size washroom also. Sanitary napkins are a boon to present day women. But according to study only 12% of women using it, however many NGOs and international institutions are spreading awareness about this issue.

Instead of using plastic bags, bins, flush it in a toilet or throw it in open; San-Burn introducing "Sanitary Napkin Destroyer" in field of Waste Management Equipment for Environment friendly and hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins. San-Burn "Sanitary Napkin Destroyer" burns the sanitary pads disposed into the machine and releases the smoke through exhaust line. Remaining ash can be collected into ash tray after burn process is over. Our Unit is a Wall Mounted Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit which is Compact in Design and can be used in a Regular Size Toilet also.

Adding this Unit in Girls Schools & college, Garden & Resorts will add a reputation and the impression of Environment Friendly Place which will be recorded honestly / proudly in the memory of the Visitor. Adding this Unit in Girls Schools & college (& everywhere) will help in the grading system of schools/colleges and the Global Environment also. Below mentioned are the area where our product can be installed:- 

  • School girls washrooms
  • Ladies washrooms in colleges
  • Washrooms in ladies hostels
  • Common washroom of hospitals
  • Washrooms of factories where ladies are working