Public Places

In public places women feel very same if they get sudden problems. They don’t even find any places to overcome this situation. Due to this problem they might lose flight, trains, buses etc. even they are very depressed in this circumstances.

Girls fret a lot about over which sanitary napkin to use and whether it is safe; but few of them give equal attention to its safe disposal.

Before identifying the best way to dispose a sanitary napkin, let us first answer a question that most people don’t know the answer to.

How is an improperly disposed sanitary napkin a menace?

The most trivial reason is that openly discarded napkins spoil the aesthetic beauty of a place and are a cause of embarrassment.

Used napkins sustain bacterial growth which can cause harm to anyone who comes in direct contact with it. This usually happens with pets and children.

Flushed napkins (even those which you think can be harmlessly flushed – like the cotton ones) clog sewage lines which then become a cumbersome task to repair. Above all, you might have to shell a lot of money for it which you certainly don’t want.

Finally, recklessly discarded napkins find their way into the soil and waters contaminating both. This is a serious harm to the environment.

So taking all the points into consideration, SanBurn comes with an appropriate solution for this problem is to burn the sanitary napkins and convert it into ash, which is safe and biodegradable option to dispos used sanitary napkins. Our "Sanitary Napkin Disposal Units" are Very Easy to Operate, Very Compact in size, Fully Automatic Cut Off after Burning, Can be Mounted in Toilets.

The Unit helps to Destroy the Sanitary Pads with a Simple Technology, Cost effective and Pollution free way of disposal. It burns the Used Sanitary Pads (Hazardous Sanitary Napkins) in to Non-Hazardous Ash. Feminine Hygiene Sanitary Product in the Toilets of the Work Place will help the Girls to feel comfort At the Place, Stress free environment and relaxed attention in their enjoyable atmosphere during menstruation period.

Adding this Unit in Shopping mall, Parks & Resorts will add a reputation and the impression of Environment Friendly Place which will be recorded honestly / proudly in the memory of the Visitor. Adding this Unit in Public Places (& everywhere) will help the Global Environment also. Below mentioned are the area where our product can be installed:-

  • Washrooms of public halls
  • Refreshment of shopping Malls
  • Washrooms of restaurants
  • Common unit for apartments
  • Washrooms of railway station
  • Washrooms of air ports & bus ports
  • Washroom of Theme Park
  • Washroom of Waiting rooms
  • Cinema Hall
  • Petro/Gas Station